21 November 2019

Connect raspberry Pi without monitor, keyboard, mouse and hub

Connect raspberry Pi without monitor, keyboard, mouse and hub, connect with LAN cable directly

1. Image install Choose image that you want to install, and click flash button

2. After installing image to micro sd, you need make a file ssh without extension in root directory

3. connect cable between raspberry and your computer, I am using straight cable but actually you can use cross cable 

4. setting computer to automatic ip (DHCP) and ICS enable In this case I using windows 10, so if you using different OS maybe some setting maybe different too Setting Automatic IP (DHCP) Choose obtain ipaddress automatically

Setting internet connection sharing Click wifi network and choose properties. Wifi connect to internet via wifi router, or you can using tethering from your handphone
5. Scanning ip addres for raspberry-pi Scan you network with ip scanner tool, and you will see raspberry using ip

6. Connect to raspberry via SSH, enter password : raspberry

Connected Yeah… 7. connect raspberry pi via wifi through wifi router Connect to raspberry via lan cable and then write command Sudo raspi-config

8. Scan open port 22 (ssh) on whole network with ip scanner We found ip, this is raspi ip address

9. connect via ssh Success

10. Change ethernet static ip Using command sudo nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf

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