18 October 2023

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 What is the Central Limit Theorem and why is it important?


The Central Limit Theorem (CLT) is a fundamental theorem in statistics and probability theory. It states that if you have a population with mean μ and standard deviation σ and take sufficiently large random samples from the population with replacement, then the distribution of the sample means will be approximately normally distributed. This will hold true regardless of whether the source population is normal or skewed, provided the sample size is reasonably large (usually n > 30).

Let's consider an example involving heights of students in a high school.

Imagine we have a high school with 1000 students, and we want to know the average height of these students. Now, it would be quite time-consuming to measure the height of every single student. Instead, we can use a method inspired by the Central Limit Theorem.

Here are the steps:

Random Sampling: We randomly select 30 students (this number is often used as it's typically large enough for the CLT to hold) and measure their heights. We calculate the average (mean) height of this group. This gives us one "sample mean".

Repeat Sampling: We repeat this process many times - let's say 100 times - each time selecting a different group of 30 students randomly and calculating their average height.

Distribution of Sample Means: Now, we have 100 sample means - each one is an estimate for the true average height in our high school based on a random sample of 30 students. If we plot these averages on a graph (a histogram), according to CLT, they should form something that looks like a bell curve or normal distribution - regardless if individual student heights follow this pattern or not!

Making Predictions: With this normal distribution curve formed from our sample means, we can make predictions about what the true average height in our entire high school might be! The mean of our sample means will be very close to the actual population mean.

In essence, even though measuring every single student would give us an exact answer, by using random sampling and relying on CLT, we can get pretty close with much less effort! This is why understanding concepts like Central Limit Theorem is so important.

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